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From a Kite

By Daniel Harman

Aerial photographs of Cedar Campus and the Les Cheneaux area taken by a camera suspended from a kite.

Shipwrecked: Reflections of the Sole Survivor

By Dennis Hale

A true story of one mans survival during the sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell on Lake Huron in 1966.

Hiding an Elephant: Living With Adult ADHD

By Kim A. Gay

Book about living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The author is a resident of Les Cheneaux area.

Corruption at Jamestown Prison

By AJ Hutchinson

Fictitious book that depicts experiences not common to the general public about civilian employment inside the prison system.

Early Hotels in the Les Cheneaux Islands

Buford Bunny's Pie Trouble

Scampering Seigfried's Adventure

By Helen C. Shoberg

Dancer: An Extraordinary Life

By Alan Meade

Inspirational story about a mentally challenged man who reached out to shape the lives of others through caring, compassion, and inexplicable wisdom.

The Word That You Heard

Bookworms Anonymous

A Pocketful of Light

By Jan Stafford Kellis

WELL-FAVORED PASSAGE: The Magic of Lake Huron's North Channel

By Pixie Haughwout & Ralph Folsom

A Classic cruising guide covering the pristine North Channel. The newest edition includes a Georgian Bay Bonus, Drummond, Mackinac, and the Les Cheneaux Islands.

An American Cafe': Reflections From The Grill

By Peter C. Gianakura

A memoir of one first-generation immigrant family who ran a small cafe in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

What I Saw on Mackinac

By Jennifer Margaret Powell

A children's rhyming & counting book displaying information about Mackinac Island.

Hollyhocks & Radishes

By Bonnie Stewart Mickelson

A great book for collectors and includes stories alongside 330 recipes. The author is a long time resident of the Les Cheneaux Islands. This is a cookbook you will not want to go without!

Guardians Of Hallowed Ground: GETTYSBURG

By Thomas J. Ball

The author grew up in Pickford, MI and currently resides in Sault Saint Marie, MI. This is his first book which portrays a fictional account of the battle of Gettysburg.

Paradise North: Seasons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

By Lon L. Emerick


32 chapters depicting appreciation for Michigan's Upper Peninsula with stunning color photography.

Growing Up on Drummond Island

Drummond Island: History, Folklore, and Early People

Adventures With Jill, Gayle, and Donny on Drummon Island

By Jill Lowe Brumwell

Smoke Stories

By Mike Davis

Tales of a volunteer firefighter. Each story is followed by an Afterglow section, which places the resulting life lessons and spiritual truths into the context of everyday life.

Revolutionary Fires: A Tale of Indian Eve

Volume I, 1777-1779

By Moira Z. Wilson

A historically-based work of fiction that introduces readers to many amazing individuals who have been recorded or who have recorded their words during this tumultous period following the revolutionary fires ignited by the British at Fort Detroit.

Sugar Island Sampler: A Piece of Michigan History

By Bernard Arbic

One of a kind historical book about Michigan's Sugar Island.

Lawless Mackinac

By Jennifer S. McGraw

Historical exploration of the Michilimackinac region during the time period 1648 to 1715.

Bad Policy

By James M. Jackson

When private financial investigator Seamus McCree returns to Cincinnati after a routine business trip, he discovers that his home has become a crime scene for a brutal murder. The victim in his basement is an acquaintance from a previous corporate investigation-and endured bullets to both of his ankles, knees and elbows before the final shot to his forehead put him out of his misery. No one has seen an "IRA six pack" victim since the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. Now the primary "person of interest" in the murder, Seamus must use his talent for logic and hard work to prove his innocence.


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